Sunday, September 25, 2016

Now, lead is ··· Wi-Fi in the airplane! ! !

Now, ... in an airplane
Wi-Fi connected! ! !
Convenient and inconvenient! lol
Tomorrow early in the morning, in Japan!
In the afternoon, Osaka.
And, triple! ! !
Mr. Kaoru ...
I have been high tension long time~.
I want to enjoy with Mr. Kaoru.
I want to tell Kaoru that know of me to everyone.
I want to know Kaoru more.
In this time,
We did the "Kikubarino tsubo" in Australia.
Then ...
Talk even if it was all Kaoru.
like this
This is why he is great.
... Alan Cohen is saying
It will be for those who want their own encounters
I want to meet with a kind of person?
I want to be what kind of people and friends?
I ...
Good head, good in human nature, see the future,
Learn from the past... give me a hint that leads to the future
Someone who implicitly convey the most important thing in life.
I do not want to be governed.
I do not want to tremble in fear.
I don't like no free.
I want to have choice.
When you were born was "0-year-old".
And ...
Now it is the "51-year-old!"
Who to want to become
While becoming someone
Now it became their own.
Bad thing is a lot,
Know yourself in bad thing,
Forget what you couldn't ...
I keep looking for the next.
Melbourne, Sydney ...
was fun! ! !
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