Friday, September 9, 2016

NIshikido is super!!!

I returned to Japan.
But didn't have time to go home.
So I need to go to South Korea.
Tohoho. lol


The important thing is
... Not work so hard
Able to get a "feeling" that want to do my best.

Today is 9 days ...
Tomorrow is 10 days.

Once again, let's think about this month ♪
1 month is 30 days ...
1/3 will end tomorrow.
The rest is 2/3.

1) What are the goals?
2) What is a good feeling for you?
3) What is bad?
4) What should I do?
5) Are you excited?
6) What is the meaning to do the challenge for the goal?
7) What is the emotion to get by the achievement?
8) What is better feelings to put in the middle of the heart?
9) What kind of life is good, if there is no limit?
10) Who do you tell the thanksful?

Gold medalist Murray spotted off! Kei Nishikori Revenge 2016 US Open last four advance

Hong Kong, Thank you.
Great experience.
 Anita said me to "You do!" lol

Wow power♪


my new frined~♪

attractive foods!!!


I am looking forward HK in Dec!

Dragon in Caos・・・

Takumen nice!
participated Yayoi Kusama event!!!

Please come~♪
5-50 50th Avenue, #2 Long Island City, New York  1

Korea from now~♪

I don't know which one is Korean version!

『Think about now.

  word of tomorrow, next week, and later

is same word with fale. 』

(David · J · Schwartz writer, Professor)

Mail magazine from Nodacci・・・

I want to quit procrastination habit.
Considering I do not procrastinate is heavy ...
Do now, immediately ! Taku

Thank you very much!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.