Friday, September 30, 2016

Heart depends on the incident. heart is affected event to event.

Kitakon san's・・・Mental management!!!

brightness does not reflect the economic part, a person with reflecting

Mental weak person is weak

When it rained
Can you say three good things?
↓↓↓ say, the difference of good and bad? !
Next happens would be different.

Don't be influenced the mind  by environment! ! !

Mind is dependent on the event
Also depends on the heart events

Rather than bright ... for because successful
You are cheerful so you become successful

Why succeded?
Since the effort! no.
A lot of Luck! is most reason.

Luck is better idea, how to move
I will be back as soon as you are not aware of

Doctor Jo uneven!
Synchronicity ...
At just the right time, in a good location, it led to good people
The important thing and, not visible to the ... eyes to meet people who want to meet reason.
Do not dispensed just a coincidence

Obediently! ! ! I believe in the people.
More people doubt.

Doubt people
Doubt it, doubt it, anything ...
Finally doubt yourself.

List the desire! ! !
Dream memory! ! !
Look every day!

Who am I?
what I want to do?
what is my life?
Don't lose any future desire! ! !

Also occur to avoid trouble

Live bright
Heart of stamina! ! !

Not dark beauty
Bright beauty is good! ! !

Bright child is happy sensitive
Dark person is unhappy sensitive
Injured, the company is bankrupt, divorced ...
Don't collect negative!

The trick is ...
Do not forget the dream! ! !

Meet the real you! ! !

The force to find plus from minusrom minus.
People whose desire is not clear, is weak.

Congratulation achievers~♪

It was happy time!

meal after・・・

Koshiba kun♪
Thank you.

It was yummy yesterday too~♪

Truffe was great too♪

Thank you!!!


This tale is・・・super!

Kazuaki Shimoji    Miracle basket coach


"Humans are not good if there are only knowledge and action.

Anyone there always

Endurance belief is important.

There is a continuing need to continue to discipline.

Also to be successful in business, moneymaking,

Essential thing is a belief. "

(Keita Goto Tokyu founder)

 Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・


yes! Taku

This is collaboration book with Noda san~♪

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.