Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When frequency was up, the problem will resolved.

To up our own frequency.

... Take a bath
... See the favorite movie
... Eat a favorite food
Do good things ...

When frequency was up, the problem will resolved.  
When trying to solve the problem, and focus on problems
 Most people downs the frequency, and amplify the problem.

Mode of festival. lol

To up the frequency,
Prepare the reality, let's experience for that♪

Nagoya ...
I talked about story of the day before, soba's surprise party
Started with the story of labor service.

Cleaning of the Imperial Palace, but is labor service
2 years ago, fewer participants.
However, now it is popular and there is also a lottery ... too many? !

It looks like Japanese consciousness has changed certainly in the last two years.
Everyone spin system is also, this fall is the end of the branch point.
It is said that it is not "Y line", "T line".

8 days is the day that you hear the Emperor's comment to the public.
what will he talk?
It is unusual.

... Olympic Games begins
The world is a sports festival.
How will judo become?
I look forward to.

Thank you for yesterday.
In「Tsuji holu」・・・lol

Everyone in Nagoya♪
Thank you.
 Thank you for T shirts model shooting


Thank you everyone!


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