Sunday, August 28, 2016

Regular lecture in September 12, the human force

    • DaiManabu (month) ☆ °: *: · ° Free invitation ♪
  • Mr. Keisuke Oshima, top are doing the president,
    On a regular lecture in September 12, of the human force DaiManabu (month), we will carry out on stage ♬

    By the way, because I be on stage, in the "lecturer invitation frame" in 20 people limited, yes it is free invitation!
    On the day, I also plan to participate to social gatherings.
    If you are interested if, or does not participate in the May lecture of human force DaiManabu? Introducer form
    Only I am writing as "Yamazaki Takumi" to the introduction's column of individual form, you can listen to the lecture for free invitation frame ♬
    • I look forward to seeing you at the venue.

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