Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It can be "someday, All that it can also be today"

... The impression was received of "words to change yourself."
Mr. Shibuichi, thank you!


For each fold
That mean changes the color
A colorful as rainbow
I had imagined.

In Facebook posts of Mr. Noda
What "image that fly from the soil to the sky."
A look at and came here

How can I thought
When actually, book in hand

As the advance reading
While receiving various awareness and stimulus
The color of the page will change.
It is nice.

Noda's Quotations of Choice,
In a sense of Choice
I thought it is amazing.
Without reading the Takumi's interpretation
Even just read the Quotations
Also to some things that I think I "aha"

More than anything
Favorite Quotations of Montaigne
It can be "someday,
All that it can also be today"
I was happy.

In Takumi's interpretation
Among those put a lot tremor
When you pick up

Takashi Yanase's
To seize the "luck,
want to do their own
Much to continue, thing is not to stop. "
Part of the interpretation

- What you want to do even pay the money (approximately)
- Even if not get the money (almost)
What I think floated helpful?.
... It, it is useless If you quit.

It was with starta,

Saito Shigeru Futoshi's
"Advanced goal fails many times
An appropriate goal is
be able to achieve many times. "

Part of the interpretation
  "ability to achieve", "setting ability"

Oh I see now.
Little by little hurdle
I'm feeling that is increased.

Eiichi Shibusawa's
"not imitating its shape,
Mimic the heart. "

Part of the interpretation

More than "How did I do it?" 
"Why do you want to do?"
In fact, it is important.

Usually attractin our heart
was a passion of its people
I thought It is "certainly!".

By the way as the advance reading
Once upon a time, by "Shitterutsumori⁈" TV
introduction of the program
I was taking memo
I remembered.

Thank you for a wonderful book.

Thank you for reading!
Transmitted that are our reading sincerely ~ ♪

Thank you!

Takumen information! ! !

It is Brett, who has worked hard from the opening together as a varistor!
He does updates of instant recently ... from Shiho-chan, the manager! ! !

at Takumen Japanese Izakaya & Noodles
5-50 50th Ave, Long Island City, NY, 11101
Station: ⑦ train/ Vernon Blvd.- Jackson Ave (15seconds from the station)

Now I just still morning and lunch ...
Once you get the liquor license also night work will begin ~ ♪

The other day, a person ... who came to the seminar
Masanori Hasegawa.

That the "gift of communication is born."
Management of the site called REGALERIA!

Take a look at once and ...
Good ~
This "room geta" cute!

one by one,
Craftsmen carved? !

"What do you think of collaboration products," I think it is interesting. lol

Also, I wanted to do anything ~ ♪
It is me. lol

Satoshi Takashi! ! ! Yahho ~ ♪


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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