Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Health inspection, over over that was taking A! ... From New York contact of

Health inspection, we took A!
... From New York

5-50 50th Avenue, #2 Long Island City, New York  1


 Water-soluble dietary fiber "look Knowing perfectly"


... I got the e-mail of ↓↓↓ from Kodama san
 thank you!


We received the "words to change herself" from the direction of the publisher.
thank you very much!
From 1 July for 10 days, i went to Bali.
So, I read it many times.
Every year, in Bali I bring a book's Takumi.
This year, I was happy to read a new book in such good timing!
The first time was about the same and inspiring when it was saved by reading the "Yarukino switch."
While also "words that change their" become my must-have manual,
I think that would be a gift book to my friend!

Bali, because the mind and body is purified,
And the contents of the book came with the smooth stop,
While listening to the Jimbaran sound of the waves, reading the book's the bliss of time,
For some reason, Takumi's book among such is the best reading comfort is good.

So, "Jibunwo kaeru kotoba" to be blown by the wind of Bali Ya 
I have taken, such as setting sun and a photo of "Jibunwo kaeru kotoba!" Bali!

It will send the message of FB
When some of your time
Spend at InterContinental Bali Resort in little earlier than Takumi's
I hope you enjoy the "Jibunwo kaeru kotoba!" lol


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.