Thursday, June 2, 2016

Today we received the crown prince of the story at the Akasaka Palace.

Today we received the crown prince story at the Akasaka Palace.

I was cleaning the nearby Prince Akishino house~♪

Palace tomorrow~♪

3 × 3 basketball tournament
All games broadcast decision !!! by Ustream
Nationwide televised !!!

Summit tomorrow the opening, the world economy correspondence to the focus around high alert
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■ recognition earlier, after the reality.

As we, since I was a child, an adult,
It will define how see the world.

When I was a child, fairy tale and, or scared in haunted, I had done my unabashedly also a dangerous play,
"What is the reality these things but" because I did not solidified recognition that.

As an adult, it will begin mass awareness of the world.

It reduces the surprise from the everyday,
Aidenteti over that he this mon Nante myself is fixed,
Field of view will be as narrow as "no reason go well" for a variety of opportunities.

When I was a child, while was trying to know aggressively the world,
And become an adult, you will only receive the information that television and the media massively deliver reluctant.

While I was a child, I had been trying to be aggressive someone,
And become an adult, you will be creating a frame as "this mon's Nante myself".

When I was a child shell that he is, it was still softer,
The world is a adventure, everyday and "Where to continue for this road" was a continuation of excitement and discovery.

And become an adult, in order to get the day-to-day, which was stable,
We we would secure the filters that are used in a view of the reality.

If you would harden the filter except the world,
Past of repetition becomes a reality, you will be the same problem repeatedly occurs.

Consciousness, rather than directly experience the reality,
So as to meet the recognition that the filter that I have is to make a world.

"Fixed recognition (filter)" is ahead,
's The later "unchanging reality."

"The new recognition (filter)" is ahead,
's The later "real change".

In, all of the adults, or you're gone with a fixed recognition (filter)?
No, never the case.

That a new recognition and, if it is open to the world of how to catch different from the up to now,
More and more it will change the reality.

Also around everyone, why do Mase Hitogai which is in contact with the world like a child?

Have a curiosity, it has a variety of questions,
I wanted to try various things, are thought as "the world's unknown location".

When Anthony Robbins also try to contact with the millionaire around the world,
People who think that "work = play" was noticed that it is almost.

To create a new value,
So far people must be the "new perceptions" did not look.

"Work is a job. I do it to be given," the idea of ​​routine that is,
Will be subject to blind to the rules, it will solidify the perceptions to be today.

"Work is a play. Not there is a way that has been decided."
Idea to enjoy that is,
As a "play" instead of "work" to be today
It will tell you how to catch infinite.

If the perceptions of the world are fixed,
Among the closed reality, you will live to those tired of seeing.

However, even though living in a closed world,
If you refuse the world, it is the possibility is always open.

No matter how much as was walking among the beautiful nature,
Confined to their inside, when I thought only that do not like, you will not even notice its beauty.

People who say, "when did you, did you become so hot?" Is,
I's out that you are thinking about the problem, you do not realize that.

"Taking that? Anymore this year also ending half. Years, Wow that one year goes by fast," people say that,
I because you are living in the world that has been closed, you do not realize that.

Interest and curiosity, makes me aware of the new possibilities and open reality.

1) What is that you are interested and curious?

Even to those familiar, let's direct the eyes of interest.

2) Where's the "outside world" for you?

Let's go to the outside world.
When you experience the outside world, a new recognition will continue to be shaped.

And go to the world that do not know, so that consciousness can respond to the world,
We began to create a new filter (recognition).

Then, recognition, is to re-create a familiar world to fresh ones.

to say it simply,
I noticed a lot, impressed a lot, if to have a lot of interest and curiosity,

Life is change into something more and more new,
You also go reborn to a new me.

Full awareness and, those who want to find the key to open up a new possibility of the door,
Please come to the "21-day mail live" to be held in June.

I hope you become a hint even a little.

Ikeda TakashiSusumu


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