Sunday, June 19, 2016

If you are in hurry, Please send it to my staff too.

But now finally be able to send ...
... At the receiver If a total of 9000 situation
So I no longer know.

Will late.
If you are hurry about mail,
Please also send it my staff together.
Or please send in LINE.
Thank you very much in advance.

dry in Osaka.
rainy season~♪

Osaka meeting in Osaka・・・


When is the next time to meet.

Tsukiji restaurant!!!
Oh!What was the name~

left Osaka at 6am・・・

To Tokyo!

Spreedents practice!!!

Then, seminars in Hikaru land!

"The heart of frequency spikes" special experimental work seminar lecturer: Yamazaki Takumi × Hashimoto Yosuke

The method ...

1) body the upward! ! !
2) I am a hundred. Speak in the format!
3) innocently create like a child!

1) body the upward! ! !
Instead of "forward", "up"! ! ! !
"Positive", "positive thinking" to "positive" the nuances of dualism ...
In fact when it "up", my heart is clean.
Spread the hand, towards the palm of the hand to heaven, raising the chin, let's fly! ! !

Example) remembered the unpleasant people, change their feelings to color
Try flying. What happen in the color is? lol

2) I am a hundred. Speak in the format!

Director is a hundred.
Taro and Hanako is a hundred.

Stop was talking to

I'm a hundred.
And speak when the wave rises.

I'm a hundred.
Even talking about negative things when talking to
In fact, the wave rises.

3) innocently create like a child!

Let the life to the game.
I did not want to confront the problem.
I did not want to accept the reality.

Nothing but Kidingu! ! !
I innocently Bukkake Fly! (Lol)

Resulting in embarrassing thing?
Ritual of a good laugh! (Lol)

How do I get it?
It is okay if it is roughly! lol

True, Hashimoto-kun seminar, it was the best!

drinking in the night! lol

Yaizu today and Tokyo tomorrow.

Aida san's gallery will be in tokyo!!!

Thank you everyone!

Azabu juban office too・・・

Osaka too・・・

Sapporo too・・・

Sawa too!lol

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.