Thursday, June 30, 2016

Excitement run! ! ! Impression of the seminar! ! ! I thought, dream come true!

By all means, I want you to look!

A child of the "49" is a high Misawa Yasutama's ...
Masumoto kun's student of junior high school.

Although ahead of the pack, at last, it will be overtaken!
From 3 hours 57 minutes and 11 seconds, please look!

I was surprised the last two laps ....
I was moved to tears last one lap ....

Rio Olympics decision! ! !
Dream come true! ! !

... From Masumoto junior who was cheering in the field
We got in touch "was trembling."
I'm trembling! lol

And "49" Yamasaki ... It was deep meaning! 


Dream came true!!!


「49」and Yamazaki・・・


Seminar great!!!

Thank you♪

 Thank you for baseball team!!!

Thank you for your participation!

 Many Diamonds・・・


Thank you.

Thank you Yassy and J.

Udon was yummy!

What did you learn?

 What remains?!

Well done!!!

 Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・

 "2 years

Than seek to be liked by others,

2 months

It is better to fall in love with others,

Much a lot of friends will be obtained. "

(Dale Carnegie)

Thank you everyone!


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