Sunday, June 19, 2016

doing and being・・・ What do you want to do? HOw do you want to be?

Yesterday, Kyoto→Nagoya→Kyoto

Kyoto→Tokyo→Nagoya today



My friends met each other!!!

collaboration with Tomomi Hasegawa!!!

doing and being・・・ 
What do you want to do? 
How do you want to be?

Tomomi was nice!

I told about how was collaboration with Hashimoto san!lol

dream cam true people!!!lol

Yeay! lol

↓↓↓ My frined gave me together yesterday Yamazaki Takumi talk! Thank you!

Always Thank you very much.

Thank you for telling us various ideas which can start from now "Yarukino switch seminar," 

Personally, iOsugi and Pico was the hit No. 1 (^ ^) / □

I briefly summarized the contents of today's seminar.

I will continue to make the firm private in my life. ↓↓

Motivation 80 percent,  20% feeling
To success, control the feelings

- Story of the subconscious and the conscious mind

Usually that considered themselves the "conscious mind"
Unconscious working in (when even sleeping) state is "subconscious"
Conscious mind: When the subconscious is referred to in the number of bits 140: 20,000 ratio
(Compare if, feeling like you are running a car in extremely small handle.
Well there is no reason that you can maneuver. )
Since overwhelmingly towards the subconscious is strong, moving well the subconscious if move the feelings.

Subconscious to move the, to rewrite their own self-image (comfort zone).
Even if the motivation which the self-image does not change in the reverse, it would be back immediately the original.
This is because, we iike "cozy".
This important is that we raise the "cozy" place.

Four ways to raise the self-image 

(日) have a big dream.

In order to change the now of their own, flew a dream you do not know even how.
"Past memory" to have a dream from the "current memory" three storage of "future memory" from the "future memory".
If you rely on the past storage, their own future and not only do that went well past becomes the past.
Strong people is currently stored, flopping state. Does not change the future also in the flap was now state.
Future storage is a strong state = happy state is the best

"Buttonda yume" is good even doesn't be true.
Dreams and goals have to change the now of their own.

There are three opportunities even they may not have a dream.
- Familiar people of death
- Big financial trouble
- Trouble of big money

However, rather than wait for the three opportunities, proactively is absolutely good people to change herself.

㈪ entering the herd.

Write up the longing of 10 people.
To go to meet actively in Mentor. 

People who are troubled with interpersonal relationships, Solving the conflict with his mother.
People who are troubled with interpersonal relationships, due to the relationship with the mother.
People who are worried about work-related, it is often the relationship with his father has become a cause.

㈫ pretend.

Pretend as if come true.
From becoming a dream come true myself, the way to do and look back on the current of his own and clearly.
Example: pretend to become a writer, write a book in the canning state to the hotel.

Raising the knack → sternum to be bullish.
There is no effect even if the negative remarks in the state in which your back straight and the pin.
On the contrary, there is no effect even if a positive statement in a state that faces downward.

㈬ collect the good words.

Since human beings are thought by language, usually to change the thinking may change the language of your choice.

Good word goes to collect more and more notes.
Because a received opinion go with myself.
From around, come to be referred to as the "I have changed."

It will raise the α frequency.

When you are frustrated, because in a state where their frequency is frustrating, resulting in a frustrating no matter what look at.
So, no longer frustrated once you raise the frequency.

Method of increasing the frequency

1. image the asshole, likened to a color. (Roughly be compared in a dark color.)

I looked up, spread his hands with the palm up → a little clear color.
The lightly jump in that state → further changes to clear color.

2. start talking with words beginning with "I ~".

When you are frustrated, about other than your own second person, it has started from the third person.
I words are negative ones and that starts from, also tight thing OK.
It only in the frequency increases. (However, the dangerous things Once transferred to run must be careful.)

3. Eye When the front of the problem is that if such that well, too, solves the problem without permission.

Imitating Recommended → Osugi and Pico ↓↓

((~ ·. ·)'m Not a o Osugi ♪
o (·. · ~)) Pico ♪ I

((~ ·. ·)'m Not a o Osugi ♪
o (·. · ~)) Pico ♪ I

((~ ·. ·)'m Not a o Osugi ♪
o (·. · ~)) Pico ♪ I

((~ ·. ·)'m Not a o Osugi ♪
o (·. · ~)) Pico ♪ I

A long period of time and do this, the better, even if the eye in front of the problem, solves the problem without permission!

This time was really the best of seminars 
Thank you very much 

At Yakiniku gura・・・

Thank you everyone!


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Thanks for using my name to the House (team name)! Banksy is guerrilla art on the walls of the elementary school of the school building. Children also surprised!


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Yesterday's Tarot card!!!


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