Friday, June 3, 2016

Deadline'm reclamation ~ ♪ Spree Dents baseball original T-shirt Deadline is I close ~

[Start original T-shirt booking of Spree Dents baseball]

The same as the player to compete in the Tokyo Dome tournament of "camouflage design + jersey number 49"
And limited sale of the T-shirt!

Uniforms for players

This time, apart from the same "camouflage green" and the uniforms, also released "gray" in the back color!
Already, those of who Spree Dents fan to have a green, is another one wearing?
Also different material!

[T-shirt sample image]
(A: Green) unitedathle 100% Polyester / dry mesh
(B: gray) anvil 100% cotton

Note ★ ★
This time, because it is a sale reservation number only, there is no sale after hours.
Please apply for sure until June 3.

● amount of money (A: Green) 2,700 yen (shipping charges including tax) / sheet
(B: gray) 3,100 yen (shipping charges including tax) / sheet

● Size S · M · L (each limited to 50 sheets)

● Since it has described the transfer to check e-mail after the payment application, then please give me transfer.
※ There is no cash on delivery

● Application deadline June 3 (Friday)

■ expected early dispatch July (you catch the Tokyo Dome convention of July 28, 2008)

● application from here ↓

<Size Details (A: Green)>
unitedathle 100% Polyester / dry mesh
Length / Width / (cm)
[S] 69/48
[M] 71/50
[L] 73/53

<Size Details (B: Gray)>
anvil 100% cotton
Length / Width / (cm)
[S] 66/46
[M] 68/51
[L] 74/56 
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.