Monday, May 23, 2016

Spreedents baseball team 「original T-shirts started sales reservation!」

Spreedents baseball team 「original T-shirts started sales reservation!」

I will sell Tokyo dome「camouflage design+number 49」

Team player uniform

If it is!
This time, apart from the same "green camouflage" and uniforms, also released "gray" in the back color!
Already, or those who Spree Dents fan to have a green, is another one wearing How?
Also different material!

[T-shirt sample image]
<A: Green>
unitedathle 100% Polyester / dry mesh
■ Sample image

<B: Gray>
anvil 100% cotton
■ Sample image

Note ★ ★
This time, because it is a sale of the reservation number only, there is no sale of after hours.
Please apply for sure until June 3.

● amount (delivery fee and tax included):
(A: Green) 2,700 yen / sheet
(B: gray) 3,100 yen / sheet

● Size:
S · M · L (each limited to 50 sheets)

● Payment:
Since it has been described a transfer destination in confirmation e-mail after the application, and then give me transfer.
※ There is no cash on delivery

● Application deadline: June 3 (Friday)

■ Dispatch: early July plans
※ You catch the Tokyo Dome tournament of July 28th.

● application from here

<Size Details (A: Green)>
Length / Width / (cm)
[S] 69/48
[M] 71/50
[L] 73/53

<Size Details (B: Gray)>
Length / Width / (cm)
[S] 66/46
[M] 68/51
[L] 74/56


Today's practice is ...

- May 21 (Sat)
17:00 to 19:00 (practice)
(Tide ballpark C-plane)
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