Friday, May 20, 2016

Osaka Toryumon!!!

with Yocchan ・・・

hot hot・・・

Osaka toryumon!!!

It was fun~♪



Thank you everyone!
In Korea ・・・

and Juban office・・・

In Osaka!lol

It is, from now
Tsutaya @ Umeda! ! !
Morning is Taku!

Then, to Okayama!
R2 is what! (Lol)


But "the tears Untrue right?" Is likely to be angry with, say long I say short. If you are going to Shabero long, but are likely to get angry with the white short because boring. No way is trying to be able to stand here today I, myself did not even imagine. Last moment if that Keiko, message of condolence in words. May 11 days, the time that I met in the hospital room becomes the last moment ....

The other day, was reflective listening the lessons of the recording tape of one person, "Hamlet" in the park. Was the number of dissed of terrifying. My heart was broken in the moment. "I said that is all that was told to you in my dissed. Because now comes a time when it is also good. Any understanding are not trying to Wakaro all, Soshitara little small because becomes easy. A small island nation of Asia and do not become an actor. afflicts more, Tsukko Nde the face in muddy water, struggling, struggling, Reach for the sky when they are no longer even trying to do really. the hand because I have'll pull sure, "said Ninagawa's likely I have been saying.

Mr. Ninagawa, would be a shame, would come cry in frustration. We are also the same. I wanted stay more together, I wanted to also work. A lot of seniors, we have come a lot of people comrades. Direct voice of Mr. Ninagawa, although not listen only in another mind, I want to do my best in firmly inherited by everyone who is a Ninagawa's think here.

When you unplug the mind, when I was a stupid job, please angry. 1997, Ninagawa-san, you gave birth to me. Coincidentally yesterday was my birthday. 19 years, painful even ..., well I almost hate there is only, Thank you for the best of the theater life. Mr. Ninagawa, Well then also.

Tatsuya Fujiwara, to Ninagawa, who sob in the eulogy "Thank you for the best of the theater life."

What this "packit"
Type of cooler pack to freeze! ! !
I want! I want!
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.