Friday, May 20, 2016

"Life changes by the moment of decision."

"Life changes by the moment of decision."

In the Ikeda TakashiSusumu's e-mail magazine
Words of Anthony Robbins was written!

"Life changes by the moment of decision."

Decision to ...
Decision to ...
Decision to ...

By not decided,
What will you got? lol



Okazaki brother!!!

In London・・・


Why laughing?Mother・・・



This is also terrible!
next  people ...
Parents are doing from the time of the Nutrilite ...
Only 100 million over diamond bonus. smile.

... Namara Kan was the feast last night! ! !

I got Pin. lol


Thank you!

In breakfast place!



Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・


"2016 VR first year!"

And, yes it is said.

By Goldman Sachs in 2025, it has been raised enough to make a prediction that to grow to the same scale as the desktop PC.
(Source: http: // )

It's right.

In 2025 in the VR and AR it seems to forecast 800 billion dollars (about 8 trillion yen).

VR stands for virtual reality, virtual reality is in Japanese.
Do not actually form, but the form may differ, the environment such as the nature of the functions are the same,
Physical engineering to create technology and its system by stimulating the sense of the user.

AR stands for augmented reality, in Japanese, augmented reality
Technology that people are extended by the reality environment computer to perceive, and the word to refer to the augmented reality environment itself by a computer.

In October, in a release scheduled PlayStation VR, thereby

It seems the industry is further raised.

PlayStation VR

Virtual reality

But not stayed there, but to become a sensation as fall or else

In the future, it seems tactile, or the like can also be realized.

AR is,

In what is seen now, the ones going to extension

For example, while holding up a smartphone, looking at the neighborhood, Pokemon is to stand out or is a kind of AR.

And, Bandai Namco or because the hands-on Game Center? I do not know that the amusement park

It is open to the location of the VR experience.

Now, Torimidase! VR Entertainment research facility VR ZONE Project i Can infiltrate.

If this is going to finished

And the real world, the virtual world

How do you get recognizable Once you doing?

The will I do not know not?

Although you have your head becomes mess

Or can surgery in remote

Without you go, or can experience

Something, do you go now to the interesting thing?

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