Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ageha last night・・・was super!


Taku men@New york
5-50 50th Avenue, #2 Long Island City, New York  1

Ayase went to「Takumen」!!!

at Takumen Japanese Izakaya & Noodles
5-50 50th Ave, Long Island City, NY, 11101
Station: ⑦ train/ Vernon Blvd.- Jackson Ave (15seconds from the station)

Started my exhibition in NY!
Takumi Yamazaki「oneness」
5/4 until July!!!


Kaoru san was there in Ageha last night!!!

It was fun!


The photo from friends! ! !

Wonder if this is [CNN News]

It is CNN news about one week before the Leicester to win.

In the shadow of the march forward of Leicester in Thailand monks there ,,, like a content.

Leicester owner, the believer of this temple, dispatched the monks many times in the UK? By business trip, it seems to have been allowed to pray.

Hmm? !

Familiar air cleaner? !


Leicester is known by King Power International, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is hold the management rights. Soccer is a popular sport in Thailand, about the strength of Leicester in between people, in addition to the players personal technology and a team of strategy, we have come up with a view to associate with certain spiritual power.

Over the past three years, the Leicester visited by monks from the Buddhist temple in Thailand's capital Bangkok, has been or cleanse the pitch of the stadium, the activities such as give the holy goods to players. Thai owners, one of the monks that many times at the request of Mr. Vichai Sri Valle d'Dana Puraba have visited the Leicester when he met "for the first time players, not a Buddhist They were puzzled. But from the owner , I look back and was asked and I want you to pray for the club and the players each and every ".



Ramen chosen to Michelin! Tokyo and delicious "Biganbejisoba" of "Soranoiro" is

Vegan ramen! ! !

The Vegan (vegan) in words, the concept that originated from the United Kingdom, refers to the full vegetarian and say roughly. For vegetarian I think there is that many people have heard, but may be the word vegan is unfamiliar. On to talk about the vegan, first we describe from about vegetarian.

Vegan vegetarian | Veganic Japan Inc.

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