Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"War opposite" and "peace favor" is similar, and a little different.

Morning at 6 am I woke up ...
Sleepy But, Sydney from today.

Since I did not want to work hard ...
Without difficulty, try going on,
I go to bed If I were useless - and
I tried to place gently to myself. lol

Heaping of the remaining work, Tohoho.
But, I think it is I like. lol

In my mind from the usual
Reality're settled that is most wanted.

"No, I am not wanted this kind of reality ..."
I think that and there is also a rebuttal
Become obedient, once, why not admitted?

Because admit, born deployment to the next.

... If you're up to create hope or so to say?
Whether or want added to the change?

If you want to make changes, what kind of reality is good?
"War opposite" and "peace favor" is similar, and a little different.

Rather than focus on the darkness,
To focus on the light.

What the future of of hope?
What happens if what the desire is fulfilled?

Yesterday was・・・

visited shopping center・・・
and was happy to see unseen products ever!

and lunch after!

Nami and Aki san!

at third wave cafe・・・
meet, meet and meet!!!

I received a lecture of Melbourne real estate situation,
After that, ... in response to the treatment of Akko
Home party in Nami-chan home!

I met with relatives at first time・・・

13-year-old girl brought my heart. lol
We look forward to reunion in Obon ~ ♪
Kaoru, you did well done! ! !

Truly, it was fun -
I forgot to take pictures cause of too fun ~

Also ~

from NY・・・

Ah! Takumen @ New York
Pre-open! ! !
5-50 50th Avenue, # 2 Long Island City, New York 11101

This photo is very rare, I wonder to become a memorial shot ~ ♪
Thank you very much in advance. ! ! !

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