Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tomorrow, as well as the best thing happened, Are you ready?

Melbourne was so good last night too!

Thank you!
Melbourne participants, I am looking forward email&LINE!!!
I am waiting for it~!

Thank you!

I came "in one night" from Japan
Thank you!
For him it was the first overseas trip!
Tam, you did it ~ ♪
We go eat next time in Japan! lol

"Next, when you come, please stay with our home!" 
We were asked to call out to the people who live in Australia! lol
The best! lol

Please register for this.


This is Takumi Yamazaki news!
over 4000 people register・・・
and sending today too. lol

I did seminar about access code to be success!

Message I got・・・
Thank you!


Story of belief and "trimmed.", Now learned very exciting.
I was glad to be able to talk in a drinking session.
I look forward to working with you soon.

Seminar yesterday, was cheers for good work.

I was I am allowed to participate for the first time Yamazaki's seminar, but I was impressed to every word that is spoken. Was. In particular find a belief in the back of the wall, was the scales from the eyes.
It was really fulfilling seminar. Thank you.

In addition, we are looking forward to the next time also can participate.

Tsubusemi's, Thank you for today!
In addition, I want to go in the July seminar!
Thank you 􀀁

Last night Thank you. I wanted to go to the plaza today, but also went to see the new plaza to another day. Please go enjoy the Melbourne! I'm looking forward to seeing you in July 􀀭

Thank you for your time today. Workbook for self-love, Mars look forward to.
But I want has become much do not need by the time the (^ _-) - ☆ you reading this now.
We're looking forward to even July.


Oh!my facebook~♪

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