Sunday, April 10, 2016

This was it, I remember it was.

Bali dancing・・・

When I was 20 years old・・・
I was university students.
I encounter with this dance in Senkoji, Odo.

I want to see again.
I just thought so.

and met in Bali again.
This is it!
This was it.
I moved this.

Here is Amandari・・・

This amandari in Japan will be soon in Shima, Mie. lol
It is called「Amanem」

on my go back to hotel・・・
I will visit there by one of nice lady's recommend.



Thank you everyone.

Thank you everyone!

Happy Birthday!

Wai Wai.
Wai Wai.

Thi, This event・・・

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