Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The way to make new wave・・・

Nagoya Yesterday! ! !

In the morning, we arrived at 5:30 ... Haneda. (I came back from Australia)
Then the preparation of the New York exhibition. (From early May to a solo exhibition in the bohemian New York N0H0)
It summarizes the luggage (which is one week of domestic expedition from yesterday)
To Osaka. (Three, !!! I was talking about)
Then, to Nagoya. (One, was talking about)
And, Tsuji hormone! (2 weeks, continuous !!!)
Then, massage! (RyuNami Chikage's! God! (Laughs)cica37@icloud.com )

Ishibashi-san, thank you.
"Bishibashi Ishibashi" from nearly 30 years has passed ...

A new wave of how to make ...

1) raise to draw a brand new future expected view!
2) introduced a new brain! Learn partner, support partner also to new kid on the block!
3) plus a new way of thinking. Or switch.
4) a "bean" and "preparedness" new future to implement a prospective view as "ready", "beans" action!
5) Will win any feelings? When you can make it. Pre-empt.
6) By placing any feelings in the middle of the heart, or will be able to be made? And standing in mind.

Takuya, but please do your best!
I expect! ! !

Starting today
Sapporo → Hiroshima → Hakata → Osaka → Tokyo and works! ! !

30 days Osaka "AsaTaku" ...
Morning know 7 am 45! ! !
Do and Oyama-kun!
Please come - (! At Tsutaya's Umeda)

Thank you everyone!

Azabujuban office too・・・

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