Saturday, April 2, 2016

Please touch to information to be new you~♪

Please touch to information to be new you~♪

To become a new me
Please touch the new information ~ ♪


Friends will do an event in the Sanctuary Publishing!

Create a 4/7 (Thursday) Rataiyado Yoko / Madam Yoko and the ideal of life!
Create Madam Yoko and the ideal of life!
Three ways to notice France flow already some happiness

■ Event Description and content

Regular thing others axis priority be-determined.
From such world

Although the rules there, enjoy the unexpected event.
Unexpected is commonplace
How much you are rich crosscut to wit.

It jumped to the world of
Madam Yoko of the body per life
Adventure basis
To live on their own axis.

France flow Earl de Vivre (To live, artistically capture the life) Osusowake the essence of.

Every word that spun out from her experience
No doubt to be a night that your outlook on life changes.

■ it to this

I want to know, different values
I am interested in overseas and
- Really what the French requires only 10 pieces

■ It becomes this

- Most likely thing to notice that it is OK
- Enjoy now by again staring at his own sense of values!
Notice whether he is what you believe under the surface -


■ Event Overview

Date and time: 04 January 07, 2016 (Thursday)
19:00 Open
19:30 start
21:00 expected completion

Capacity: 30 people

Fee: 2500 yen
Multiple name application discount: 2200 yen (in the case of your participation in the multiple names will be taken as the amount of money here.)


Morning spear active in Osaka!

Please come ~
Of this time 1 anniversary
Memorial! ! !

Thank you everyone!


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