Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cherry blossom bloom・・・ summer comes and rainy season begins・・・ hot summer comes.

April began.
Looking back a half (it is for those who finished the half-year, but ...)
If you brought the excitement to Max also,
Some people do not know how to stand?

Only it,
It is refocus! lol
Good person also, even those who do not!

Cherry blossom ...
It is came early summer
... Becomes the rainy season
It will be in the summer of glare.

It is,
From here
April, May, June, July, August ...
what half year do you want?

According to the information of Bashar
Although the fall of this 2016 seems to be a major turning point
Do you want to continue doing what way of life?
How to live a life in any yourself? When the axis is not firmly that
That goal and want concrete spear, thing to do, even while changing
There is no any change in the axis.

It is, once again,
... At the beginning of this a new April
(Not busy in the April Fool's Day)
Why do not you think ... "about an axis"?

1) Do you want the kind of life?
2) Do you continue to live as any yourself?
3) Re-recognition a new, what is discovery?


1) full of life, full of power. Fun will last days ~ ♪
2) the growth and contribution to the axis, want to continue even surprise yourself.
3) of the inner world expansion, establishment, evolution for transparency ....


for that
lease try to think of whether there when the say this is half a year.

1) What are you aiming at?
2) what is going well?
3) what is not going well?
4) So what to do for?
5) what you did to get by this work?

... As a supplement

1) What to put the power of wish I was conscious to yourself?
2) Do we get to harboring any feelings always in mind?
3) or in which frequency it is possible to match their's important?
4) what future  do you want to vision?
5) whether the state of mind will be on how to if good condition?


Morning in Bali・・・

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