Saturday, March 12, 2016

Today is Kaoru Nakajima's event・・・

Birthday events ... Kaoru Nakajima today
Really is tomorrow, but the event is today.
On my way to Yokohama! ! !

We met at the piece Kobori and Mr. "bond festival".

"Free participation possible" potential infinity 10,000 festival-impossible is possible to become the day ~
clock Aug. 18 - Aug. 19
August 18 15:00 - August 19 18:00
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Aichi gymnasium
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City
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Tickets available

⭐ philanthropists who continued salvation for 20 years children of Asia
Asia Child support representative Ikema Mr. Tetsuro

⭐ name trainers in which the player anonymous to eight world champion
Mr. center road founder Suda Tatsushi

Spread from ⭐3 people of Whirlpool single mother to the world 60 store managers
Rakuyomi founder Hirai Seven-Star Mr.

⭐ everyone the deficit bus company gave up to the surplus famous bus company
Tokachi bus Representative Director Bungo Nomura

Develop a treatment of miracle that pain can be taken only by touch ⭐
KYORAKU method Tatsuya Kyotani

Legend that ⭐ tavern Koshien! Create a morning assembly legend
Top representative Keisuke Oshima

⭐ 2 movie production from debt 60 million!
Challenge from 45-year-old to a professional golfer
Hana Hana land Tentsukuman

⭐15 million people of the dream put on rocket, achieve fly into space!
Fuji dream Hiroshi Uchiyama

⭐ returned to life from the brink of death, realize the miracle of publication
People thinking Kaji FutoshiYu's success

⭐ spiritual industry pioneer of
Cosmic space Anaguchi Keiko

A young politician 250 people were 1 Tsuematome in ⭐ bipartisan
Ryoma project Kamiya warrior monks

⭐ born communicate the importance, spread by word of mouth to the world
Bath cafe organizer Segawa Eta

⭐ alone LIVE Osaka Castle 8,000 people in the sold out! Active in Taiwan Fes!
Rock band chills Masaru Osaka

⭐ developed the miracle of the flour to change the sewage to fresh water! The United Nations has recognized
Bakucha Sugiyama AnaFutoshi

Finally, the current potential infinity 10,000 LIVE
Organized, and get to a lecture in the main
Receive an offer from all over the world in ⭐ potential infinity LIVE
Potential infinity lecture house piece Kobori

People who had sounded the soul,
Gathered to Ya! !

Participation conditions, "to express Decide? A challenge to anything!"
By that decided Anta to challenge on the home page is up.
In the venue, in the words to challenge one million people are projected to huge Sukurin!

Application form is here.

The first one,
Please visit us once potential infinity of LIVE video

Everyone doing good~♪

Thank you!

This event!

We made an event which ask to come Ribonche!!!



Successively published from the end of May 2016 in the Cinemart Shinjuku other national
Director-screenwriter: TORICO
Original: Suehiro Maruo "girl Camellia" (AoRinkogeisha)
Music: Hitomi Kuroishi
Theme: Charan Po lantern "Jinta of that child"
Risa Nakamura
Shunsuke Kazama
Misaki Morino
Rui Take (SuG)
Daichi Saeki
Deep Motoki
Akihiro Nakatani
In addition to
Distributor: Link Rights


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