Friday, March 25, 2016

『TK Bali Tour 2016』  7/21(Thu)~26(Tue)

I was fascinated to Bali, in the early 90s.

Ocean. Rice terrace. Setting sun. full moon. God. Hideout. 

Among the slow flow of time, the magic of the door was in everywhere.

94 years, it was the first party. Seminyak of the bar, on the night of the full moon.

Time passed, the location was a jungle, changes to a nice hotel and club,

But the way of the soil was already gone,

Sea, nor the moon, sunset, nor God ,,

Slowly flowing time, there was unchanged.

♪ Let's also spend such time together this year

This year will be the number of people limited in the time of the relationship.
Application soon!

In addition we are planning a party in the new location.
- To enjoy.


"TK Bali Tour 2016"

● schedule 7/21 (Thur) to 26 (Tue)
● air Narita, Kansai International Airport departure
● Hotel Inter Continental Bali Resort
● cost 207.000 yen (breakfast, including party, another fuel)
● Application Co., Ltd. Central Tours Fuwa      
       TEL:078-392-2008    FAX:078-391-0643
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