Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spreedents!great time! lol

Red and White!w

clean hit!lol


I did great!lol

caseball team!

Let's get one!!!

Misen yesterday・・・


Thank you!

It was fun~♪ Mina!!!



I want to go~!
Toho 563-11,Kuwana-shi, Mie

She is a shef, Kiki!!!
Not the iPhone 5se, my name's iPhone SE
Rainy day 12 million pixel camera! ! !

Of the rumor appeared in March is "iPhone SE," but,
Its rear camera is reported by prominent analysts when it comes to those high image quality of 12 million pixels.
In addition, iPhone SE is also compatible with Apple Pay due to the high-performance processor and NFC,
Price thing to be a low-cost and 400 US dollars to 500 US dollars (about 45,000 yen to 56,000 yen).

Thank you everyone!

Mens esthetic!!!


Thank you ~

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