Friday, March 18, 2016

Sendai yesterday. Sapporo today. lol


「Ichigen」long time haven't seen!

Sendai yesterday.
Sapporo today. lol


What is this instrument?!

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World's best rugby team

and New Zealand national team, the All Blacks and management

I was allowed to listen a variety of story about New Zealand Rugby Association.

among them

Continue winning

Rugby World Cup three times (record number), The Rugby Championship 13 times (record number),

 proud of the overwhelming strength.

Why can they continue to win? 

They answered that it is because continues to innovation

I couldn't get quite satisfactory well.

By chance, I had come to Auckland, New Zealand

To Kumon's friends that the interpretation of Japan's rugby team

I had to tell everything.

All blacks

It had the first official game in 1903

after that

35 races 34 wins over in 1906 from 1905 and one loss, of which Test Match Game 5 4 wins and 1 loss.

32 races undefeated in 1925 from 1924 (including Test Match four races undefeated)

Achieved a Test Match 17-game winning streak from 1965 to 1969.

They won the Rugby World Cup 1987, was first held.

But then it was also a strong team

Vs. Wallabies from 1998 and 1999, with five races win and four losses, the rush to time downturn.

Rugby World Cup 1999 in France in the semifinals,
Ending the 4-position lost to spring me vinegar in the third-place match.

after that

From in 2004, Graham Henry was appointed to head coach

Then keep winning.

Test Match from 2004 to 2006, 33 wins and four losses, November 2004 and later of 27 wins and two losses and the overwhelming strength of the All Blacks.

When asked why the All Black could keep winning.

Each year, rugby rule changes.

Along with it, that of a prone to innovation, such as tactics.

And external factors innovation.

Along with this, we continued inner innovation.

But more amazing was

Teamwork is an abnormally strong.

When i heared why

Tsuyoshi Hisashi revived the team, Graham Henry head coach, so it is saying that these things in my daily life.

"Better person will be a good player."

(Good man, a good player)

That's right.

And, New Zealand representative of the All Blacks,

After the game, rocker is so a beautiful, the top players themselves cleaning

This is what the thing with going to strongly teamwork.

Before "is a strong judo man

Good it is human. "

(Akio Kaminaga judo silver medalist)

I remember the words.

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