Saturday, March 5, 2016

I believe the guts.

I believe the guts.
Their guts.

When I'm in junior high school, and friends
I was looking at the ground while leaning on the horizontal bar.

That to graduate from junior high school, ... in the anxiety indescribably
Wore nonsense was cryptic grumble to friends.

At that time, I said to my friend.
" Everything goes well even in absolutely once you demonstrate the guts."

I was surprised.
"Is it so?"

Words of a friend that was Ihanata as "Ah" is now I also support.
I trust my guts, still alive rely on their own guts.

Yamazaki Takumi's "question-and-answer type Seminar" decision! [3/11 (gold) Toyosu]

Addition to give a lecture over the multi-genre as a "great thing happen easily," dream-realization producer, Yamazaki Tsubusemi's also in your success as a writer, painter, illustrator, artist, you please answer directly to everyone of the question.
http: // http: //

"Is there secret to change the moody immediately good mood to?"
"How you do Sessure the disgruntled people?"
"Good if opts if the feelings of anger, jealousy, Sonemi?"
"Really I fortune and socialize very well and the emotions go up?"
Etc., by all means, please join become you have a question for the question Yamazaki Tsubusemi's.
It should be noted that the lecture here, will be the reference lecture about the book, which is published from PHP Research Institute.
What was recorded is or appeared in publications from the PHP Research Institute, there is a possibility to be a reference.
Also, please note that there is also a possibility that the voice itself becomes a privilege speech.
◆ Theme:
"Emotion switch" that he wants to become! For now
◆ date and time:
March 11 (Friday)
Doors open 18:30 / start 19:00 to
◆ Location:
PHP Research Institute Tokyo headquarters
Koto Toyosu Tokyo 5-6-52 NBF Canal front 11F ※ map
TEL: 03-6204-2931
◆ Fee:
1000 yen
※ seminar on the day, will be collected at the venue.
◆ How to apply:
Please fill out the required information, please apply by e-mail to the following address.
- Subject: 3/11 Q & A seminar application
·email address
And participation hope number of people
- What in the Did you know this seminar (introducer)

11 things that should be in order to put the "courage" needed for success
Failure is recognized as necessary,
To challenge again

Endure in difficult situations
To accomplish things

Begin immediately 
even that you do not want to

Always emotions
To control

To trust their courage

Stare ahead
Than the short-term return

Even when the no fellow
To maintain the vitality

Expectation is not intended to meet,

Challenge what it is not interested

To respond kindly to rude people

Facing a problem
To commit to the results

"Latest WEB service might catch on now & app together"


Academy Award of the results ...

Access Girl, thank you!

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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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