Friday, March 18, 2016

GO if you hget lost!

"I think that can be."
"I think it can not be".

"I think to do it."
"I think not do".

All is going well.
Those words have come down.

"I think giving up".
"I think to continue it."

"I think I love."
"I think that I hate."

Why did you come to this star?
It's okay to fall in love with yourself.

And the you that you are sparkling
In the place of intersection of the earth that you are sparkling
Let's send a miracle.

If you lost, GO!

Both correct answer ...
so I get lost.

Look around you.

Magic of time
has begun?

Horse-drawn carriage in the heart
I wonder if it has become a pumpkin?

Take a deep breath ...
Exhale slowly

Take a deep breath
Exhale slowly

Somehow today
Kind to yourself.

Ogura yesterday・・・

Meeting in Murakami kun house・・・

after in izakaya・・・

356m from Kurosakiekimae station

woke up in 5 am・・・
to Ube, Yamaguchi.

Do you have a picture we taken?!

moved to hakata!!!

Adult lunch in Hakata!!!

Thank you for your time.
It was fun. lol

Thank you.
It was learning time!!!


Mamotteagetai JUJU COVER by Uru

Ito  Miyuki Nakajima  COVER by Uru

Live / Superfly    COVER by Uru

Hiroshi Hataki / Pool  COVER by Uru

back number / Shiawase  COVER by Uru

Rihwa / Harukaze    COVER by Uru

Sakura / Shota Shimizu  COVER by Uru

Wow?!Can you do・・this♪
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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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