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Finally revealed the identity of the telepathy! ! What is the quantum entanglement effect

Finally revealed the identity of the telepathy! ! 
What is the quantum entanglement effect

on TV
Life in the pension is barely
It reflected the figure of an old man to a shoplifting in hunger

Is this country OK?
I think needs places for old man if they feel hungry.

More than the boy shoplifting
It is being long ... winning the number of old people shoplifting

Nearly 30% of the people is the poor and needy, but there is no difference in the house and for the life crime.
Also people living alone is more than 30% in the elderly, shoplifting of future worrying like loneliness is the motive, purpose in life, and has become a reason.


The "people have the power to feel the joy.
I call this a "Happy power".
There are two types of "Happy power", one can feel the joy when that happened to be convenient to their own power.
And the other one is, to please others, or the ability to rejoice the success of others = is "another delight force. '"
(Fumio Nishida)

Fumio Nishida says.
"I am up to this, but we have seen a lot of success,
No matter how hard, even put out a much better result,
This man is no "other Happy force" can not join the ranks of the absolutely successful person. "

By life Design partner's e-mail magazine ...

Yamazaki Tsubusemi "question and answer type Seminar"!
[3/11 (gold) Toyosu]
http: // http: //

◆ Theme:
"Emotion switch" that he wants to become! For now
◆ date and time:
March 11 (Friday)
Doors open 18:30 / start 19:00 to
◆ Location:
PHP Research Institute Tokyo headquarters
Koto Toyosu Tokyo 5-6-52 NBF Canal front 11F ※ map
TEL: 03-6204-2931
◆ Fee:
1000 yen
※ seminar on the day, will be collected at the venue.
◆ How to apply:
Please fill out the required information, please apply by e-mail to the following address.
- Subject: 3/11 Q & A seminar application
·email address
And participation hope number of people
- What in the Did you know this seminar (introducer)

Thank you!

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