Friday, March 25, 2016

Baseball from morning!

Baseball from morning!

I was sleepy!lol

Oh・・・I can't hit.

Thank you、Yassy, Jay.

Please send me picture from yesterday~!

Last night・・・

Oh no・・・It was fun!!!
coffee buiness, OK~♪
I am excited about!!!


20th today.
How attack this month?
In after 10 days, what miracle should cause?
1) What a miracle wants to be happens?
2) whether the current situation is good? How bad?
3) Who should you meet for good? Who should you have  the contact?
4) What happen is good for that person?
5) What are the ideas to be considered for that?
6) What are some possible other ways?
7) Who is good to be get helped?
8) If it is useless, whom should you meet? Or I should have contact?
9) What do you get if accomplished in this month? What can you completely detach?
10) What happens if the useless?
Or what will be next challenge?

Takahumi Horiemon talked about realizing future!!
from Aricuralist to BATTLEFIELD4

Thank you everyone!

office Azabu juban too・・・

Nagoya too・・・


Kaku san!

Thank you!


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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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