Saturday, March 12, 2016

AsaTaku "real motivation" @ Umeda Asami Hohoko's and this month will do!
AsaTaku "real motivation"
I wonder it becomes many years acquainted with another Asami Hohoko's.
Discuss recent awareness of each other every time you meet,
"That's true," "That 's not only" "it, great I" have been shared with.

This Asakatsu "AsaTaku" is Shi call you Mr. Hohoko
I would like talking on the theme of "real motivation".

Do you want to walk a kind of life?
I want to spend every day with what feelings?
You want to be in any yourself?

Of Hohoko flow, of Tsubusemi flow
Pleasantly tells the walk way of a nice life.
Enjoy the ~ ♪

■ date and time:
March 13, 2016 (Sun)
7:45 to 9:00 (Doors open at 7:30 planned)
■ Location:
Umeda Tsutaya bookstore 4th lounge (Rukua Ihre 9F)
Capacity ■:
Capacity 80 people
■ Admission:
2,500 yen (tax included)
■ Lecturer / Guest:
Asami Hohoko's / Yamazaki Tsubusemi
■ Organizer:
Yes) coolpeace
■ Co-and cooperation:
Umeda Tsutaya bookstore
■ How to apply:
Application until here.
Subject: Morning application Taku
Contents: name, address, telephone number, number of sheets, Did you know what this seminar?

Morning Taku

Asami Hohoko Hohoko Asami
Writer, was born in Tokyo.
Learn from childhood to Aoyama Gakuin, the university international department of politics and economics after graduation,
Studying in London, learn the interior design.
Entered into after returning home writing activities, "You can say absolutely! Luck" (Koseidoshuppan),
"All right! Because go well" (Gentosha), "Do not always forget" (Diamond),
Such as becomes a cumulative 4 million parts than the best-selling.
In addition, picture books, books such as travel essay is more than 50 books, it has been translated around the world.
Other, it produces, such as interior design and stationery,
Such as fashion items and jewelry design,
Its own life style also attracted attention, including the fan club, it has also carried out lecture activities in the country.
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