Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today was good day also!from 8pm until now!!!

Chinese New Year in Sydney!!!

until 3am・・・

It was fun wasn't it!? lol

I was moving from morning~

with Ume from 8am♪

Office meeting from 10am・・・


Thank you Akane!!!

Shinosaka with driving!!
about 2 hours meeting about publishing at Kyoto srarion・・・

A!This releaf virus within 50 cm if you hangon neck・・・

Today was 「Yarukino switch Jissen seminar」!!!

It was so good!!!
Thank you!
Yarukino switch teach my core pole.



and met Shizuoka beauty♪

I haven't been to Daiichiasahi but yummy anyway!
This is the view with Ryoji actually~

After party food effect on my tammy~♪

Tokyo tomorrow.
drop by Kyoto on the way.
This is 8am. lol
My friend, Chie is now tokyo from France.
I am leaving Tokyo after morning breakfast!



Thank you everyone!

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