Saturday, February 27, 2016

Do you want to write book?

At Shibuya・・・



yummy! lol
too much eating!

Sapporo today!
Is there anyone want to write book?
I suddenly thought that I start to support it.

I was like that before.
when I was 29 years old・・・
and participated for the seminar.
I learned about it and wrote?!

It was a big shock, so
did it in my work and got big result.
and naturally brought to writing way・・・
「Jinseiha kanari picnic」born at the time. lol

Why do you want to write?

1)for my path
2)as a name card
3)want someone call me author

Do you want to write?!lol
pre wanted!

waiting for a mail・・・
Staff Ban:

「Takuhon」as a subject!
and please put your name and address!

I will start mail magazine first!!!


from Den Sato's mail magaziene・・・Let's learn!


Why? caffee makes us work? 5 reasons?

『 Saddness, happiness,

touching and discouragement,

It is important to feel honestly. 』

 (Soichiro Honda)

Sincerity is 
not to be existence of sincerity~

I am Scared.
I am scared of I want to be sincere.
You are not.

When I dtry to be beautiful, 
I notice about my dirk side.

However if I am ready to taste reality・・・
 if I am ready to taste reality・・・

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