Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do you know Maslow's hierarchy of needs・・・?

Congratulation Takashu san
March next?
Please be in a victory stand♪

If you are thinking「Is this available?」
you are thinking「I might not be able to do it.」in the heart.
「I do it!」
will find「I might be able to do it.」

「Yakiniku」after. lol
Am I OK?!No. lol

Sisters and brother・・・Manami from Melbourne!!!lol
I met sisters on the stage were nice too!!!

In sunny day, if you fix the roof.

tea appointment in the afternoon!
Thank you for treat!


「how to for success」and
「How to for endurance success」is different.

What is the difference?
What will happen after 3 years?
What will happen after 5 years?
How about 10 years?
20、30、50 years ・・・

「Changing `courage`」
「accept for no change=`large heart`」と
「`Wisdom` to distinguish above」・・・

I woke up 6 and get on Shinkansen on 7 and I am on the way Tokyo.
「Monz」everyone get together today!

Italian after~♪

Futariten@Yokohama tomorrow.
I still want to add another picture!!!
What should I do!
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