Sunday, January 10, 2016

One week already passed after New Years.

until today in Hawaii.
on my way to Tokyo now.

7th already!!!

 One week already passed after New Years.
Would you like to think about this year?
Before that, what kind of life would you like to spend?

How will you spend this year?
This is the best thema to think in the beginning of new year, isn't it.
What「comfortable」do you like?

but don't you get board? lol
Which「feeling」is your experience to be born?

wnat to change・・・but don't like worries.
comfortable, stable・・・but it is not fun.
want to grow! 
This is the best nice value.

want to be a special・・・but it is alone.
want to connect with others・・・but it is so small and uncomfortable. 
wanna contribute.
This is the best value.

this 2 will be in your thema!

How will you spend your one year?

then what is the meaning of this month?

one week past and how's your health?

How's your internal organs?
If it is week, that pull diaphragm and you will hurt your back.
Please don't forget your massage for internal organs.

1)what result will be out if continued present?
2)is your goal clear?
3)do you grasp reality?
4)do you know the gap between goal and reality?
5)what feelings makes this month nice?
6)then what should I do?
7)What choice makes your month so happy?
8)who should help you?
9)what is the secret to switch on?
This is only 5 mins.
Please invest the time to think those.



Hilton's time share~♪


Kirin Kiki「Shinutokigurai sukinisaseteyo」1/5(Tue)



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