Friday, January 22, 2016

Gallery in Kichijyoji~!

Muramat's music「Omoide no manny」became nominate in academy in long anime field

2nin ten in Kichijoji in feb!


Central tours's Yamashita san passed away.
He was in charged of TK Bali tour for long time.
Thank you for a lot of memories and very moved moments.
Thank you so much.
By Fuwa san, Central tours・・・

He was looking 'Bali tour's YouTube message' so many times.

When I asked about tour this year,
『I definitely go. and I try by then for sure.』
His word I remember.

I talked with Nagatomo san on the phone.
I am so sorry.

I want to go Bali tour this year.
and want to see him.