Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goal of goal...

Seminar with ikeda kun・・・
Fun wasn't it?!

「I am fat」to「want to be skinny」
「suffering economically」to「want to be rich」

Goal to cover complex is difficult 
because 'don't have' is coming first.

「ask if we get skinny?」「want to save people who have same worries. 」and・・・
「ask if we become rich?」「bring parents to Onsen」・・・

Goal now is making goal for future.
Experience achievement in your heart 
Then next motion will success because of the final goal.

Today was thorough medical checkup.
Yes or No.
I sometimes think of I didn't know is better.


In the night・・・
Tea time in Nagoya with Australian composer

Her energy was so good!!!
Sander and Sacchan♪

Congratulation Sacchan!!!

Thank you Tsukasa!

World Yamachan!!!
Chicken wing restaurant!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you!!!

Hashimoto kun!!!
「Satoru gijyutsu」man・・・
He is so good!

bad and good.
plus minus・・・
High and low, upper and lower、left and right、white and black、like and dislike・・・
Those doesn't connect.

Verticle axis is「fun」
「Not fun」side is exist?!
Not the meaning of「fun」、one dimensionl fum!!!

Anyway that is「being stupid」
the world of no judgment.

There are nonpast and future.
There are no good and bad.
Be stupid.

It is Zero place we call.

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