Sunday, November 8, 2015

Life is today's one day.

Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・

『Life is

today's one day. 』



right. Taku
High school Super goal !!!
This became world news♪

Thank you Yuko♪

Sydney friend~♪

And then・・・
Coffee is Australia♪

Tom's restaurant@Chatswood♪

Food business introduction・・・

It was fun♪
Thank you Joyce.

I could see a bit shape.

Think about what is going to happen, and sometimes can see shape・・

After meeting・・・

Yakiniku with Nobu and Kaori・・・

371 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Thai friend with Tomochin♪

Thank you♪

Azabujyuban office~♪

If we smile, fun increase,
but if fun increase, smile increase more. 

Transsexual cmpetition 「Sora」♪

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