Saturday, November 21, 2015

If you change how to use time, the life changes too・・・

Isn't this nice?

Time stopped.

Exhibition of Kimson,「Tophy open now!

Make chandelier from toy and waste. In Laforet museum Harajuku until Nov 15th! 

With Kimsonhe♪

Junya's event.
m-flo、kyari pamyupamyu♪
It was fun!

and Karaoke practice with Mr. Nagatomo♪

Mio, Ayana, Yuki.
Thank you.


I changed how to use my schedule this week. 

Blue- the way to use time for future
Black-for present
Red-if there is no meanings

Three colors for the way to use time

If blue is small, future won't change.
My schadule was created by red and black most, then that was surprise but I understand why.

Takato sent me this.
This is true too.

The things I left to do・・・
The things I want to to by today・・・
Preparation for tomorrow・・・

Most people finish by just doing it.
Most people's life is like that.

Let's change time schedule.
Life will be dramatic if you change dramatically.
A little try changes a little.

If you change how to use time, the life changes too.


Thank you.

Office member~

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