Sunday, November 8, 2015

10 words which makes down people who works under・・・


Lunch in「Akanoren」!lol
She works in Igaueno, Mie・・・宮崎有香

Shooting yesterday・・・

Shooting in Osaka today.

On my way now.
Drank with Taishi and Maiko until morning♪lol

Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・

10 words which makes down people who works under・・・

   1) I am against your thought.
   2) I don't like someone you think important.
   3) Anyone can do it.
   4) I know more than you do.
   5) Your fault is this.
   6) I know about this more, so let me do it.
   7) You promised me so.
   8) Let me do it.
   9) I thought so when I used to.
   10) That is your jealousy.


 ■ If you trust the person, the person know a lot too.

   Please write down who you think now.

   Can you?

   lover or child can easily, but it is hard to think of someone you don't like.

 ■What kind?

   blood type・horoscope
   where from
   favorite sports

   want to to
   can do
   should do


★ What people think about when start working. 

  1) proper salary(not too much, sounds so hard work)
  2) working hours、holiday(better a lot)
  3) company(or work)pride(like)
  4) be able to imagine blight future(looking forward)
  5) fun workplace(nice people)

 Priority → 5)→4)→3)→2)→1)
 Words when you quit 1)→2)→3)→4)→5) 
 but truth is が、5)→4)→3)→2)→1) 


Mail magazine from Nodacchi


good words・・・

『 Be kind.

 Who you meet is 

doing hard challenge. 』

  (Praton, Philosopher)

Be kind.

Yes right. Taku

Thank you!

Namu san!!! from Korea♪

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