Monday, October 26, 2015

Q&A from yesterday!lol

Hiroshima last night・・・

This is it. lol

Shinji and Kazuki, Akubi chan and Asako・・・
Okonomi friend!!!

Thank you teacher!

Team second♪

Q&A meeting♪


See you soon~♪lol

And・・・to「naka chan」!

Urchin kureson♪

It was not the amount I should eat at night.




Shita hirame!


Too much eating. lol

and Tokyo from now!
woke up 6am and go today!


Necessary is「the power to manage」

Concentration and attachment is different.
Attract by concentration.
attachment create artificial and suffer.

Transform makes information gathers. 
If you feel bad, go far.

Let ride on a bus.
Don't talk, bring to the spot.

This work is matching business.
It is important who you inform to.

to make everything Zero. 

Is this OK?
Is this all right?
Not like everyone can't, most people not on time.

Appointment is one hour.
One koma is one hour, so if I have empty part, I want to full it.
「Please tell me anytime」
「Would you like this time?」

If you are invited, do it.
Choose shine. 

How to see map
Can't do everything.
Should I listen 100 people's devoted story?!
How I can achieve if who can be?
for that, who should become?
so this... lol

What happen if I didn't give up?experiment!

Balance with main business?
Do same performance with short time.
Short time but big result.

3 month.
Concentrate 3 month and get result.

Work is creation.
Think about what can do for others.

change レ point for first default. 
Self image.
Don't change mind set, just change thinking of time.

Can't change.
Set definition.
You can experience it,
Sun is reality.
Cloud is definition.
and shadaw.

I was thinking about tax cause I didn't have worldly desire.

3%・・・aren't you easy?
this is a lot.

120 people FDD。
If you think about life・・・
Making one member is a big things. 
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