Saturday, October 24, 2015

If we can transfer nice poo to others, your intestine gets better. Surprise information!

went to dinner with Gale、

GN@Azabu jyuban office
Mizuguchi Keiki and Andy Wu's meeting

Mizuguchi san says good intestine is everything.
If we can transfer brown stone to bad one, your intestine gets better.  Surprise information!

「brown stone 」from athlete・・・
「Brown stone」from cheerful people ・・・
wise「brown stone」・・・

IT is said that intestine is second brain.
I resonsible for the homeostasis.
Is it true deep consciousness is intestine?!

I call him as Ben or intestine CEO.

Andy san says that
「regenerative medicine」fore front information
He was born in Taiwan, raised in Canada and learning in Tokyo university.
We are going to go Tokyo university to eat lunch. lol

after meeting was fun too!!!

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