Monday, October 26, 2015

Are you pretty?!

From chudai Kawaguchi,
「Taku was doing well, when he was young.
and he was pretty!I wanted become so somehow. 」

he surprised me.
「He was pretty」
How about me now?

Others help to pretty person.
I thought that I am not kike that now.
I think so too.


Nihama via Takamatsu today♪

met Junko in Takamatsu airport!
She goes Michigan, Eida now♪
Have fun~♪

lunch with Takamatsu team
Udon restaurant,「Uehara」!!!

I ate kake sho!lol

and drive with everyone!
Go to Nihama♪

question: how to put others poo to others.
I hear by Endoscope~♪



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