Thursday, September 24, 2015

What leader 「talk from the heart」・・・


I was with「Tomotaka Moriya」!!!
Thank you!
His wife,「Hiroko Ota」san is wonderful too!!!

Thank you!
He will publish a book on October!!!
「Symple dakedo jyuyona leader no shigoto」
I want all leader read this!!!

Sgotaku's recording~♪
I will distribute soon.
Takumi Yamazaki's paid magazine!!!

another one week in this month・・・

I listened Moriya san's leaders talk.
Secret is・・・
What leader 「talk from the heart」
Mostly put on airs, you!
just talk waht you are thinking.

Actually I am thinking ○○
and want to solve it with everyone.

We understand by theory・・・
And take action by feelings.


Thank you!!!

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