Saturday, September 19, 2015

Nao Takagi debut to the world !!!

5:30 in the morning・・・
I will be back in this morning flight



7 page about him!

I used to introduce so・・・
Fashion week in Paris「Collet」♪


↑Can you see? See!!!

Takagi kun was there♪
World debut!!!

Rains ad sunny continuous♪

We went to Hotel cost~♪

Different circumstance・・・
Cost was nice♪

Mariage was yumm~♪

Mariage Frères Le Marais
 30 rue du Bourg Tibourg 75004 Paris


His relatives invited us・・・

She took us to Muse.
She is coming to Nov to Japan♪

Muse in 2F・・・

Nice dessert♪

Blue tea♪

I am meeting with Ann from LAcroa and youg woman who learns art in London today~♪
Thank you Aki, Ikue last night.

Bread store♪
SHe lost weight and became beautiful♪

NIce Sapporo♪
Thank you!!!

Morita kun♪


I want to eat Ikura don!!!


Thank you!!!lol

Diamond from this group!!!

NOt PS, SP. lol
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