Saturday, September 19, 2015

Life quality is decided by the quality of feelings.

Met with Kuno chan from Vancouver.

「life is the journey」
Kuno chan's new book from October.

I am so happy HOrie chan and Kuno chan met today♪

Me and Ikeda kun's collaboration in Linda and Tanabe kun's「Free people3.0」anniversary seminar!!!

It was fun~♪

Thank you!

Food was yummy~♪

I am waiting for pictures yesterday~♪


Life quality is decided by 
the quality of feelings.

Should be like ○○. However, it is difficult to take action. Because of unready feelings.

Switch is not on yet.
=know my pattern

Up our standard

I am not stop like this.
What do you think about ?
What field?

So what?

What do you do today at least?


Feeling is・・・
exist but not exist.
It is like water.

Buddha anger if stranger hit his head.
But he knows feeling is empty.
Just see,,, what we call 'Enlightenment'

I always have a goal and chose the life, 
and I asked Makino kun what do you think

Then he said Not like 'Aim or Not aim'
Why aim for?
The reason is important and what buddhism call

AIm is not good or bad,
If we attachment, suffer occur. 

In Buddhism, there is no 'happiness,'
We have 'comfort'

「Happiness」is not bad, but
「I want to keep my happiness」create「attachment」
Most people finish life be
「Start over」
「have to do by today」
「want to do for tomorrow」
How do you really want to be?
keep remember!!!
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