Friday, July 24, 2015

Party @ Bali

Everyone came and it was hectic 2 days !!!

Airport closed so many times and open now as miracle♪

Well done!!!

Hot summer memory・・・

Please send me picure
on this message・・・



『 If you are disobey to the universe and 

  You are doing just you want,

  that won't be success.

 Successful business is 

when you are away from your desire and 

  think something and take action.


     (Tenfu Nakamura)

Mail magazine from Nodacchi

Live life by feeling「truth of universe」・・・
live to makes god happy.
flow by universe.

Spirit is god's spiritual energy.
Love is god's intent.
Nerves is god's path.

Thank you.
Protected by something big power.
feel it and live with the power.


By pool side・・・