Monday, July 13, 2015

I am going to Bali~!

I am going Bali tomorrow.
Haven't been for a while. 
TK Bali tourー♪

Indonesia rise in price.
I am thinking to finish Bali tour.
Where is next?!


Anyway, isn't it fun to travel with friends~♪


■■Bali NEWS■■

from Murai・・・

Bagus works here.

Italian is yummy.

☆La lucciola restaurant

Restaurant in Seminyak 

Restaurant in Bali



Let's learn from Akio Hiramoto's mail magazine!


Hapiness is not 『to be』、『remembers』
Then how?

What were you addicted about in school ages?

What were you good at and when is the shining time?

When did you get over it?

When you achieve goal?

What was snapping and miracle meeting?

If you don't have a limit, what do you want to do?

What do you want to do if you have a limit life?

Don't achieve goal by yourself and alone.

Get support from others and cheers.

Don't take worries by yourself. Don't put cover for felling and don't endure.

Get happy shower and melt it. See wish of solution.


Thank you everyone!

Thank you!


His music is good too~♪
yuki omori!!!
​Let's work if you excitedー♪


Techno Life 2015 by DJ Kaleidoscope37 
on #SoundCloud


ジモモ ニューヨーク

Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.