Saturday, July 4, 2015

First meeting in Japanese!!!@Australia

Exciting midnight dinner♪

Vincent from Vietnam from U.S.♪
(achieved 12% in 3 days.)

After the meeting, met Patrick and had dinner together.

Today's meeting was great too!

First time in Japanese・・・


Morning yesterday・・・
Everyone went back yesterday.
I am going back tomorrow.

Last night was excited and will be same today.
I wish I were here for another a month like Patrick and Joyce.

I will come back October next time.

Let's think one more time・・・

1)What is the best really?
2)What is good now?
3)What is not good now?
4)and What should we do?
5)What life would you like if there is no limit?
6)What kind of you would you want to be?
7)If success is sure, what will you do?
8)Who do you need to be helped?
9)What should we add or deduct?
10)What feeling should we feel?