Monday, July 13, 2015

10 secrets to be successful!!!

Osaka yesterday!!!
Greay time♪

10 secrets to be successful!!!

young people who are interested in Volunteer!!!
Pay tax before volunteer.

To make money, wee have to be useful for someone.
Working is volunteer.

Everything is equivalent exchange.
We can make money so easy is・・・impossible.

take and take  !!!
take and give   !
give and take    
give and given  
give and give    dana's erea♪

What is successful?
We can't experience concept.
We can only experience definition.
What is successful?

1)What kind of life do you want to spend?
Your wishing life is from someone?

Method is book, people and travel.
Change people to meet, time to use and place to live.

Rights revenue 7、labor income 3割
reduce the initial investment
reduce the manufacturing cost 
has no inventory risk
・It is ok to have a bit but constant right revenue

4)Move!Learn from try and error
Opposite of success is not failure.
Over the failure is success.
Opposite of failure is do nothing.

5)Communication with people
Indifference is the opposite of love
Opposite of indifference is love.
That is love.

There is no merit for me but for ohters?
If you have interest to others, around of yours will be many people.

6)Have belief
Confidence is after you have belief.

7)Be faithful
ability that we all can be.

8)Be healthy
Raise what we take inside.

Raise quality of sleep!

9)Say thank you 
the difference between success and no success

10)Be a person we can change implication.
Plan=Think how to achieve with small effort
Goal=have goal for now, not future.
change implication. keep changing.

After was fun too♪


Shizuoka from morning!!!

Fun time~!
part one, two and three!!!


Thank you everyone!

HK people were taking about me. lol
Write 100 dreams on the note.

Congratulation dan!

Thank you!

from Ruihime!!Thank you!
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